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PIT SPAN 33 - Intermediate Spanish - Prof. Brizuela - SP24

This guide is designed to help you find and use resources to complete your Spanish 33 traditions assignment.

Part I

Explore the resources in the sections below to locate your tradition and read preliminary information about it.

You can also search for other resources specific to a country, region, or community in Library Search that are of interest to you. The Historical Dictionaries of the Americas series and Society & Culture Complete Reports are both great resources as well.

Example searches:

  • Find country-specific guides:
    • kw:Costa Rica AND su:dictionaries
  • Find region-specific resources:
    • kw:tradiciones AND kw:Guerrero
  • Find community-specific resources:
    • kw:(tradiciones OR leyendas) AND kw:Otomí

Select Resources on Tradition in Spanish


Central America

North America

South America

Find a Tradition

You can also explore the resources below or search for sources that specifically address your topic of interest, like music or religion.

  • Add "encyclopedias" to your search in Library Search.
    • kw:religion AND kw:Latin America AND su:encyclopedias