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Environmental Analysis

Find Your Textbook & Course Materials

The Library makes books/textbooks, DVDs, and other course materials available online or in print for students to share access to as an alternative to purchasing them. 

You can find your textbook and other course materials by searching in the Course Readings list using your professor's last name or course name. 

If you do not see your textbook listed, then your professor may not have submitted the title(s) to the bookstore. Please reach out to your Subject Librarian to get more help with finding the item you need. 

EA Related Works by BIPOC Authors

This rotating list of titles is an effort to highlight the works of BIPOC authors with the intention of bringing more awareness and recognition to diverse voices and perspectives in this field of study.

The Claremont Colleges Library is committed to promoting diversity and equity and has made a public statement in support of diversity, equity and inclusion and advocates for anti-racism through library programs, guides, committee work, and by developing library collections that are reflective of the diversity of our region, our student population, and faculty and student research interests.


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