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MLA Style (8th edition)

Formatting citations using the MLA 8th style. Based on the MLA Handbook, 8th edition.


E-books and print books are searchable via Library SearchIf you don't see a specific journal, eBook or print book or even article that you need you can request to have it purchased through Library Search by clicking on the Get This Item option.

You may use the Cite tool found when searching in the library catalog or in a database. Just be sure to always double-check your citation before putting in your final bibliography. 

Why Books?

Books are are an important type of resource because they take a broader view of a topic that does a research article or a review article. When you are new to a topic or beginning a big research project (like a senior thesis or a literature review), starting with books is a better strategy than diving straight into research articles. 

Example of Print Book Citation

The structure for a print book citation in MLA 8th format is: 

Author(s). Book Title. Publisher, Year of Publication. 

Example of eBook Citation

The structure for an ebook citation in MLA 8th format is:

Author(s). Book Title. Publisher, Year Published. Name of the eBook Database, URL or web address to the source.