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Linguistics & Cognitive Science

Online Linguistics Research Sources

 Listed below is a selection of  online reference resources in the areas of language and linguistics.

Print Linguistics Research Sources

Although resources dealing with linguistics can be found in many places throughout the collections, call numbers beginning with P focus on major linguistics topics. Browse this reference location in the library to find a variety of interesting resources. Listed below is a selection of useful reference resources. The HonRef books are on the third floor of the MultiTier Stack, adjacent to the search center..

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, by David Crystal.

HonRef P29 C64 1997


Encyclopedia of Communication Theory, edited by Stephen W. Littlejohn and Karen A. Foss.

HonFol P87.5 E496 2009 v1-2


The Encyclopedia of Linguistics, edited by Philipp Strazny. 

HonRefFol P29 E483 2005 v1-2


Language and Communication: a cross-cultural encyclopedia, by Michael Shaw Findlay. 

HonRef P29 F47 1998


Linguistics: a guide to the reference literature, by Anna L. DeMiller 

HonRef Z7001 D45 2000


The Linguistics Encyclopedia, edited by Kirsten Malmkjaer. 

HonRef P29 L52 2002


The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Language, edited by Ernest Lepore and Barry C. Smith. 

Hon P107 O98 2006


Words on Words: quotations about language and languages by David Crystal and Hilary Crystal. 

HonRef P106 C765 2000


The World’s Major Languages, edited by Bernard Comrie.

Hon P371 W6 2009