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Linguistics & Cognitive Science

Welcome and Key Databases for Finding Sources

If you are new to conducting research:
Consider reviewing the Starting Your Research Tutorial to learn the phases and processes of doing research

This and several other library videos can be found here: Tutorials and Videos

To locate or browse books on Linguistics in the library

  • We use the Library of Congress Classification System to organize physical books in the library.
    The classification system uses letters at the beginning of the education call number to organize books by topic
  • Linguistics: P 2nd Level Mudd Multi Tier Stacks (some PE; PM)
  • Cognitive Science BF 3rd Floor Honnold

Course Readings Textbooks

Find your textbook and other course materials by searching in the Course Readings list using your professor's last name or course name.

Open Access Content

When you are affiliated with a higher education institution, you have information privilege. That is, you have access to Library-subscribed scholarly content that is not freely available on the open web. Little known fact: this access usually ends when you graduate.

Led by academic libraries and information activists, the Open Access (OA) movement provides an alternative: a bridge to to open scholarship, no matter your institutional ties. OA expands the content that is available across access barriers, and is gaining ground in the scholarly community. As you engage in your research, try exploring the following OA repositories:

BASE is a vast cross-disciplinary international metasearch for OA content.

The Directory of Open Access Journals covers free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals and aims to cover all subjects and all languages.

OpenDoar is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories. From University of Nottingham, UK.

ROAR provides up-to-date visual access to a huge database of open access repositories.

These and many other OA resources will be available to you after you leave the Claremont Colleges. For more information on hundreds of open content and open data repositories, check out the Scholarly Communications and Open Access guide.

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