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Senior Thesis Resources

Getting Back to Basics

In order to research and write a great thesis, you need a solid foundation of research skills. The most important first step is to have a clear research question or statement. Use concept mapping to help you get started!

Using Library Resources

The Claremont Colleges Library has a lot of resources! Get familiar with how the library works and all of the resources we provide using the links and videos below.

Strengthen Your Search Skills

Each library tutorial has 4-5 modules and takes about 25 minutes to complete in total. Feel free to skip around and do the modules that are most relevant to you.

Use Boolean Logic in Searches

Boolean Operators allow you to construct efficient and effective searches, maximizing the amount of relevant information your search returns while minimizing the amount of irrelevant information. Check out these videos to learn more about how these and other search techniques can be applied.


Need Something We Don't Have? Use Resource Sharing!

The Claremont Colleges Library has a lot of resources, but we don't have everything. That's why we use Resource Sharing, a service that allows us to borrow materials from other libraries on behalf of our students, faculty and staff. Resource Sharing is easy to use and our turnaround times are fast! You should never pay for articles while you are at The Claremont Colleges: use Resource Sharing instead.