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César Chávez Day

Research Tips

In this area of the research guide, you will find helpful research tips to use when researching César Chávez, the United Farmworkers movement, Latinx and Chicanx populations and communities, and related topics. 

Librarians recommend completing the Start Your Research Tutorial (if you haven't already) prior to implementing the tips on this guide to provide context and background knowledge for these tips. 

You may also consider consulting the following webpages from TCCL to fully understand and thoughtfully integrate these research tips into your research process: 

Source Types

Decide what type of information you need first before you start searching. After you determine that, you can identify what type of source will contain that information. 

Source types include:

Different types of sources are found in different databases, and the database(s) you choose to search in will impact what sources you find. You will also need to apply specific search strategies depending on source types. 

Places to search for sources:

New to source types or need a refresher? Check out Module 2: Types of Information of our Start Your Research Tutorial.

Search Strategies: Boolean Operators

Use the Boolean operator OR to search for terms in English and Spanish, or for concepts or organizations that have multiple common synonyms or spellings.


  • (Chican* OR “Mexican-American”) AND “farm workers”

New to Boolean Operators or need a refresher? Check out videos from our YouTube channel below.


Search Strategies: Truncation

When searching for chicanx or latinx information, it is important to remember that terms for these communities have changed over time. Use truncation ( *) to search for variations of terms from different historical time periods. 


  • Chican* to include the variations of Chicano, Chicana, and Chicanx. 
  • Latin* to find information that is categorized as latino, latina, latinx. 

Subject Terms

Pay attention to the subject terms that the source you find use. They can help you grow the terms you use in your own search.

NOTE: Some subject terms may contain outdated or offensive terminology. 

Use subject terms to find resources related to Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers Movement. Subject terms narrow a search to the exact content you are looking for information about. 

Su:Chavez, Cesar, 1927 1993

  • Use this subject term to find sources such as collected speeches, biographies, essays, and analysis created by or about Cesar Chavez. 

Su:United Farm Workers 

  • Use this subject term to find sources about the United Farm Workers Movement.