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César Chávez Day

Primary Sources: Special Collections and Beyond

In this section of the guide you will find primary sources and areas to look for primary sources on the topic of César Chávez, as well as his life and work. 

New to primary sources or need a refresher? Check out the following FAQ's:

Primary sources at The Claremont Colleges

  • Material of particular note for those wishing to learn more about how The Claremont Colleges community remembers and celebrates César Chávez's work include the annual César Chávez memorial celebration, inaugurated in the 2000-2001 academic year.
  • Items include photographs of César Chávez and Juan Chávez, a United Farm Workers flag, and a poster advertising a play by El Teatro Campesino at the University of California, Berkeley, entitled, "The Shrunken Head of Pancho Villa."
  • Some items of note:
    • Articles about Chávez, a speech from 1969, and more
    • Dolores Huerta interview transcripts, 1984
    • Jessica Govea oral history, CD July 2, 1976
    • Larry Itliong correspondence and notes, 1965-1970 & 1971-1977
    • UFW correspondence, meeting minutes, newsletters, articles, and more
    • Articles related to agricultural strikes and boycotts

Articles associated with César Chávez's visits to Claremont

  • "Asks support for UFW at Garrison, 3 May 1974." Claremont Collegian 10 May 1974, p. 1; Claremont Courier 8 May 1974, p. 3.
  • "Discussion of Claremont appearance." Student Life 7 May 1974, p. 1.
  • "Will be at Garrison Theater, June 25th in a rally & fiesta of the general assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association." Claremont Courier 19 June 1976, p. 6.
  • "Chavez to speak at School of Theology: Labor Leader protests 'injustices.'" Collage 25 April 1990, p. 3.

Additional materials:

  • César Chávez plaque, Claremont McKenna College Commemorative Plaques Collection

Farmworker Movement Documentation Project

Primary source accounts: photographs, oral histories, videos, essays and historical documents from the United Farm Worker Delano Grape Strikers and the UFW Volunteers who worked with César Chávez to build his farmworker movement.


Search Tips:

  • Search for materials relating to labor activists, organizations, and movements in quotation marks
    • Examples:
      • "César Chávez" 
      • "United Farm Workers of America"
  • Limit your search by type of item
    • Example:
      • Select sound to find audio recordings and oral histories