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Anti-racism & Black Lives Matter Resources

This is a collection of resources to educate the community on issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and protests. These issues include topics such as anti-racism, systemic racism, systemic oppression, police brutality, mass incarceration.


This guide is intended to help members of The Claremont Colleges community and beyond learn more about the issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement and 2020 protests. This is a living document and will change and grow over time. We encourage you to contact us with feedback and to recommend resources to add to the guide.

This guide includes topics such as racism and antiracism, allyship, police brutality, and systemic racism and oppression. It also uplifts resources created by Black authors, scholars, and creators, and organizations in order to amplify their voices. These voices include Ibrim X Kendi,the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Frank Leon Roberts, Mariame Kaba, Kimberle Williams Crenshaw, James H Cone, N. K. Jemisin, Billie Holiday, Alysia Nicole Harris, and Isabel Wilkerson.

Note: This guide is meant for self-directed learning, taking into account that The Claremont Colleges are predominantly White institutions. BIPOC faculty, students, and staff are focused on what they can do to support their own communities; they are not accountable to White people on the campuses who often show up only in times of crisis. One way for White people to work towards anti-racism to take responsibility for their own learning, rather than placing the burden of explanation on BIPOC people. (Credit to University of Denver's Anti-racist Resources guide for inspiring this statement.)


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