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CGU HIST 304 / Oral History / Prof. Poblete / SP23

Welcome and your assignment

This guide is to provide some resources to assist your oral history project and to facilitate your project submission to Special Collections at the end of the semester. Your oral history project will become part of the Claremont Colleges Oral History Collection to be preserved and made accessible to researchers worldwide.


Donate your project to Special Collections

Here you will find a list of items which are required to be included, at a minimum, when submitting your oral history project to Special Collections.

  • Oral history recording
    • AIFF or WAV are preferred formats for audio
    • AVI or Quicktime Movie are preferred formats for video
    • Prioritize lossless format over lossy format; and uncompressed over compressed
    • Do not attempt to convert an Mp3 (audio) or Mp4 (video) to preferred formats
    • If you can only capture in Mp3 or Mp4; we will still accept
  • Transcript

Please consider adding the following items to your donation:

  • A photograph of your interviewee
  • Interview outline and/or time index
  • Field notes
  • Your research paper
  • Any other documents found on the Forms tab in the Oral History Toolkit

Instructions to upload your project to Special Collections

Box collaboration invitations have been sent to each student providing access to their own oral history folder where the oral history materials will be uploaded for Special Collections. See document below for details.

Western Americana Manuscripts Librarian

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Lisa Crane
Special Collections & Archives - The Claremont Colleges Library
909 607-0862