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Environmental Resources on Japan

This guide is created for EnviroLab Asia's teaching and research on environmental issues in Japan.

Accessibility Lab

The EnviroLab Asia Clinic Trip took place in Japan in May 2019 with faculty-led research labs. The Accessibility Lab studied universal design and collaborated with the Osaka Institute of Technology. This lab's team included professor Angelina Chin (POM), Alida Schefers (POM), Bailey Lai (POM), Meena Venkatraman (HMC), Yufei Guo (SCR).

Rural Issues Lab

The Food and Rural Issues Lab, led by Professor Marc Los Huertos (POM) and Professor Albert Park (CMC), studied the carbon footprint of the Asia Rural Institute during the EnviroLab Asia Clinic Trip to Japan in May 2019. Student Caitlyn Louzado (CMC), Chloe Wanaselja (POM), Erika MacDonald (HMC), Katheryn Kornegay (POM), and Sarah Chang (CMC) also participated in farming activities, which impacted their learning.

Tree Lab

The Trees Lab studied the amount of particulate matter trees filtered by sampling trees along Kyoto's Imperial Palace. Professor Wallace "Marty" Meyer (POM) taught students how to think about experimental design. Student researchers were Kyra Madunich (POM), Nhi Phan (CMC), Willow Coleman (HMC), and Julie Xu (PIT).

Soundscapes Lab

The Soundscapes Lab, led by Professor Warren Liu (SCR), recorded sounds from various built and natural environments in Japan during the EnviroLab Asia Clinic Trip in May 2019. Its student members were Citlalli Vivar (SCR), Elena Dypiangco (SCR), Krystle Yu (PIT), and Malea Martin (CMC).