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Environmental Resources on Japan

This guide is created for EnviroLab Asia's teaching and research on environmental issues in Japan.

About this guide

This guide is created in support of EnviroLab Asia's thematic focus on environmental issues in Japan, such as infrastructure & power, modernity, biodiversity, agriculture, nuclear energy, community, and landscape. Click on the side menu and you will find selective resources in various formats, including e-books and e-videos related to the themes of the trip for you to explore on the way, in the field, or back on campus.

About EnviroLab Asia

"EnviroLab Asia is a laboratory for cross-disciplinary research and experiential learning that links knowledge with practice. We aim to engage communities and explore what comes out of the intellectual exchange between the humanities and social sciences, environmental analysis, and various other fields to generate new scholarship about environmental issues in Asia. This is an initiative at the Claremont Colleges funded by the Henry Luce Foundation’s LIASE (Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment) Program, which focuses on East and Southeast Asia."
 -- From the Mission Statement of EnviroLab Asia

For more information, please visit EnviroLab Asia website.

EnviroLab Asia Class & Clinic Trip

EnviroLab Asia provides an experiential learning component known as the Clinic Trip, where students and faculty travel to specific sites in Asia to study environmental issues there at the end of spring semester. Prior to the Clinic Trip and during the spring semester, students are required to take the EnviroLab Asia class and lab, which is a unique course that embodies a liberal arts approach to understanding environmental issues in Asia. Students will be exposed to methodologies from the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

The EnviroLab Asia Class in Spring 2019 examined environmental issues in Japan, and was complemented by four class labs, briefly described as below. You may find the resources for each lab by clicking on each lab name on the left menu bar. You may also find the research outcome of each lab by clicking the page " Research Outcome" on the left menu bar.

  • Accessibility in Japan, led by Angelina Chin (History, Pomona College)
  • The World Through Sound, led by Warren Liu (English, Scripps College)
  • Food and Rural Issues, led by Marc Los Huertos (Environmental Analysis, Pomona College) with Albert Park (History, Claremont McKenna College)
  • Biodiversity Sanctuaries, led by Wallace Meyer (Biology, Pomona College)

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