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Scholarly Databases

Below are just a few selected databases for topics in Anthropology. Use the Get This Item button to link to full text or to request a PDF through Resource Sharing/Inter-library Loans

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Call Numbers and Locating Anthropology Books in the Library

Anthropology related books have the following call numbers, most of which are located on the 4th Floor of Honnold. 

GN 1-890 Anthropology (General)
GN 49-298 Physical anthropology. Somatology
GN 51-59 Anthropometry
​GN 62.8-265 Human variation Including growth, physical form, skeleton, nervous system, skin, etc.
GN 269-279 Race (General)
GN 280.7 Human as an animal. Simian traits versus human traits
GN 281-289 Human evolution
GN 282-286.7 . Human paleontology
GN 296-296.5 Medical anthropology
GN 301-674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology
GN 357-367 Culture and cultural processes Including social change, structuralism, diffusion, etc.
GN 378-396 Collected ethnographies
GN 397-397.7 Applied anthropology
GN 406-517 Cultural traits, customs, and institutions
GN 406-442 Technology. Material culture Including food, shelter, fire, tools, etc.
GN 448-450.8 Economic organization. Economic anthropology
GN 451-477.7 Intellectual life Including communication, recreation, philosophy, religion, knowledge, etc.
GN 478-491.7 Social organization
GN 492-495.2 Political organization. Political anthropology
GN 495.4-498 Societal groups, ethnocentrism, diplomacy, warfare, etc.
GN 502-517 Psychological anthropology
GN 537-674 Ethnic groups and races
GN 550-674 By region or country
GN 700-890 Prehistoric archeology