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Late Antique-Medieval Studies (LAMS)

Reference Resources in Classics

Greek English Lexicon  Part of The Perseus Digital Library.

The Oxford Classical Dictionary Online


Civilizations of the Ancient Near East  Hon Ref/ DS 57 C55 1995 (volumes 1-4)

The Oxford Encylopedia of the Ancient Near East  Hon Ref/DS 56 o9 1997 (volumes 1-5)

Brill's New Pauly Encylopedia of the Ancient World: Antiquity (Hon Ref/ DE5 N4813 2002, volumes 1-14) and Brill's New Pauly Enyclopedia of the Ancient World: Classical Traidtion (Hon Ref/ DE5 P33213 2006, volumes 1-4) are the English editions of one of the most important reference works in Ancient History  The German version, Der Neue Pauly Enzyklopadie der Antike, can be found at Non Ref/ DE5 N48 1996 (volumes 1-16).

In addition to the many chronolgies that can be found on the internet, one might consult Brill's New Pauly Chronolgies of the Ancient World: Names, Dates and Dynasties, Hon Ref/DE5 N48136 2007, and the Chronology of the Ancient World by E.J. Bickerman, Hon Ref/ D 54.5 B5 1980.

There are also many historical atlases including The Atlas of the Greek and Roman World in Antiquity, Hon Ref/ G 1033 A84 1981, and The Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East, Hon Fef/DS 69.5 R63 1990.