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Russian Language & Literature

Primary Russian Texts

Finding Russian Sources at the Library

You can browse Russian literature in Honnold-Mudd Multi-Tier Stacks PQ1-PQ3999, with the following breakdown for individual authors and eras:

PG2900-3190 History and criticism
PG2900-2998 General
PG3001-3026 Special periods
PG3041-3065 Poetry
PG3071-3089 Drama
PG3091-3099 Prose
PG(3100)-(3155) Folk literature
(Including texts)
PG3199-3299 Collections
PG3199-3205 General
PG(3211)-3219 Translations
PG3223-3229.2 Special periods
PG3230-3238 Poetry
PG3240-3255 Drama
PG3260-3299 Prose
PG3300-3493.96 Individual authors and works
PG3300-3308 Early to 1700
PG3310-3319 18th century
PG3312 Derzhavin
PG3314 Karamzin
PG3316 Lomonosov
PG3318 Sumarokov
PG3320-3447 1800-1870
PG3325-3328 Dostoyevsky
PG3332-3335 Gogol'
PG3340-3359 Pushkin
PG3365-3417 Tolstoi
PG3420-3445 Turgenev
PG3450-3470 1870-1917
PG3452 Andreev
PG3455-3458 Chekhov
PG3462-3465 Gorky
PG3475-3476 1917-1960
PG3477-3490 1961-2000
PG3491.2-3493.96 2001
PG3500-3505 Provincial, local, etc.
PG3515-3550 Outside the Russian