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Russian Language & Literature

General Databases for Russin Literature, Language, Culture, History and Politics

Some of the following databases have full text.  When there is no full text available, use the  button to determine how and when we have an article or book.  Use Illiad to order articles that are not electronically avaible.  Includes articles in Russian and other languages.

Browsing the Stacks for Russian Literature

You can also Browse Russian Literature in the Multi-Tier Stacks (1st floor)


PG2900-3190 History and criticism

PG2900-2998 General

PG3001-3026 Special periods

PG3041-3065 Poetry

PG3071-3089 Drama

PG3091-3099 Prose

PG(3100)-(3155) Folk literature

(Including texts)

PG3199-3299 Collections

PG3199-3205 General

PG(3211)-3219 Translations

PG3223-3229.2 Special periods

PG3230-3238 Poetry

PG3240-3255 Drama

PG3260-3299 Prose

PG3300-3493.96 Individual authors and works

PG3300-3308 Early to 1700

PG3310-3319 18th century

PG3312 Derzhavin

PG3314 Karamzin

PG3316 Lomonosov

PG3318 Sumarokov

PG3320-3447 1800-1870

PG3325-3328 Dostoyevsky

PG3332-3335 Gogol'

PG3340-3359 Pushkin

PG3365-3417 Tolstoi

PG3420-3445 Turgenev

PG3450-3470 1870-1917

PG3452 Andreev

PG3455-3458 Chekhov

PG3462-3465 Gorky

PG3475-3476 1917-1960

PG3477-3490 1961-2000

PG3491.2-3493.96 2001

PG3500-3505 Provincial, local, etc.

PG3515-3550 Outside the Russian

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