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Guide to library research in Psychology

General Psychology and Psychiatry

If you need to browse a psychology journal or find just one article, or if you are searching for a topic and want to see what is out there, this list of psychology journals is for you. Nearly all journals are full text and available through the Library catalog (Library Search) and/or the  Journals List.,. Click the publisher/database name to open your journal, and you will need to log in with your College user id and password if you are off campus.

American Journal of Psychology (1887-current)

JAMA Psychiatry (1959 - current)

American Journal of Psychology (1887-current)

Journal of Clinical Psychology (1945 - current)
Annual Review of Psychology (1950 - current)

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (1937 - current)

British Journal of Psychiatry (1859 - current)

Psychological Bulletin (1904 - current)

Depression and Anxiety (1996 - current) Psychological Medicine (2001 - current)
European Psychologist (1996 - current)  

Other Mental Health Topics