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Background sources

Dictionaries and encyclopedias provide background information on a topic or concept.

Peer-reviewed articles

Articles in scholarly databases

Use the following databases to find articles and other materials on specific topics in sociology in scholarly journals.

Use the Databases A-Z list for the complete list of sociology-related databases.

Newspapers and magazines

Use the following databases to find newspapers and magazine articles


Use the search box at the Library's homepage to search for books by title or topic.

Sociology-related books have the following call numbers, most of which are on the 1st floor of Mudd.

HM1- Sociology (General)

HN1- Social History and Conditions

HQ1- Sexuality

HQ503- Family, Marriage, Home

HQ1073- Death, Dying

HQ1075- Sex Role

HQ1088- Men

HQ1101- Women, Feminism

HS1- Societies (Secret, Benevolent, etc)

HT101- Urban Groups, Urban Sociology

HT401- Rural Groups, Rural Sociology

HT601- Classes

HT1501- Races

HV40- Social Service, Social Work

HV551- Emergency Management

HV697- Protection, Assistance and Relief

HV4701- Animal Rights

HV5001- Alcoholism

HV5725- Tobacco, Drug Habits

HV6001- Criminology

HV6035- Criminal Anthropology 

HV6201- Criminal Classes

HV6250- Victims of Crime

HV6251- Crimes and Offenses

HV6774- Crimes and Criminal Classes

HV7231- Criminal Justice Admin

HV7431- Prevention of Crime, Methods

HV7435- Gun Control

HV7551- Police, Detectives

HV8301- Penology, Prisons, Correction