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German Language & Literature

General Databases

Some of the following databases have full text.  When there is no full text available, use the  button to determine how and when we have an article or book.  Use Illiad to order articles that are not electronically available.

Browsing the Stacks for German Literature

You can also Browse Literature in the Multi-Tier Stacks

Germanic Languages—General (Dictionaries, Textbooks, and Linguistics)  (PD1-780): research level

Old Germanic Dialects (PD1001-1350): basic information level

West Germanic Languages—Dutch, Flemish, Frisian  (PF1-1541): basic information level

German Literature—General  (PT1-1360): research level

Middle High German Literature , ca. 1050-1450/1500 (PT 1501-1695): instructional support level

1500-ca. 1700 (PT 1701-1797): instructional support level

1700-ca. 1860/70 (PT 1799-2592): research level

1860/70-1960 (PT2600-2653): research level

1960-present (PT2660-2653): research level

East Germany (PT3701-3746): research level

(PT4801-4897): basic information level

Yiddish – PJ5111-5192

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