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Claremont Discourse: Spring 2021

Established in 1998, the Claremont Discourse lecture series is a forum for faculty at The Claremont Colleges to present current research, publications, and creative projects from a wide variety of disciplines. This spring, Claremont Discourse is showcasing two faculty research presentations.

Learn more about the Claremont Discourse lecture series and watch past presentations!

Claremont Discourse presents

In their presentation To Open or Not to OpenDr. Christina Edholm (Scripps), Dr. Maryann Hohn (Pomona), and Dr. Ami Radunskaya (Pomona) present a model of COVID-19 spread consisting of several interconnected modified SEIR differential equations to investigate the dynamics between different populations at the 5Cs and the influence of mitigation techniques such as students adhering to health protocols and contact tracing. They also present an app which allows the user to vary model parameters, providing intuition and guidance on campus openings under a range of conditions.

Dr. Christina Edholm headshot
Dr. Maryann Hohn headshot
Dr. Ami Radunskaya headshot
Dr. Romeo Guzmán

Dr. Romeo Guzmán of Claremont Graduate University, describes the origins and development of the public history and digital humanities project "East of East: Mapping Community Narratives in El Monte and South El Monte." in his talk Building Greater El Monte's Radical Past.