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NEW R for Statistical Analysis

What is R?

R is programming language and environment widely used for statistical analysis.

R is growing in popularity (according to IEEE rankings) and users appreciate the wide variety of packages that support academic research.The R language is also an open source project and the community that has grown up around it is associated with the movement towards more open science practices and reproducible research.

R has a steeper learning curve than some other statistical analysis tools, but fortunately there are a number of sources to look to for support.

R Studio is an integrated development environment for R.


R Studio Development Environment

Where to use R

Most of the computer labs on the seven campuses offer R/R Studio.

You can also use R on the second-floor public computers at the Claremont Colleges Library.

R and R Studio also are free for you to download on your personal machine.

You may download R from one of the R project mirror sites.

A free version of R Studio (the integrated development environment) from the project site.



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