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What are Technical Reports?

What are Technical Reports? 

Technical reports are publications that convey results of research that is usually funded by government or corporate organizations. They are designed to disseminate research quickly for a variety of projects. These reports are generally not peer reviewed, and are published in a numbered series by each publishing agency. Because of this, there is generally little consistency in the ways in which these reports are published and distributed. For more information, the Library of Congress has some information on the history and types of technical reports here.  

How do you find Technical Reports? 

Many governmental reports are available online. Use the links below to search for technical reports created by specific organizations. 

US Government Technical Reports

Government reports are created with research funded in whole or in part by the United States or an international government organization. 

Technical Reports from non-governmental sources

Some of these sources may include technical reports from the US government, or technical reports with research funded by the U.S. government. Others may be published by engineering societies, or academic departments at various universities.