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Text & Data Mining

A brief guide to tools and resources (including datasets) for getting started with computational approaches to textual analysis.

Project planning questions

These questions are adapted from the Project Pipeline Questionnaire by Dr. Jerid Francom on the DH Kitchen site

If you are new to text and data mining (and even if you are not), this questionnaire can help you plan your project and help you identify tools and other resources you may have overlooked. 

1. What is the research question you are interested in exploring? Are you working with a hypothesis or will your project be more exploratory>

2. What is your potential data source? Do you have the necessary access to it?

3. Have you decided on what your unit of analysis or measurement will be?

4. Do you have an analysis method or tool you plan to use?


If you are working on a more substantive project, we suggest reviewing our TDM Project Planning Worksheet.