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Information Literacy Habits of Mind (HOMs) Toolkit: Home

Start Your Research Tutorial

The Start Your Research Tutorial teaches to all 5 HOM learning outcomes.

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Creative Commons License
Information Literacy Habits of Mind Toolkit by Claremont Colleges Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License.

About This Guide

The Information Literacy Habits of Mind Toolkit was created to provide ideas for library instruction in support of the Claremont Colleges Library's newly adopted information literacy definition. For more information on our information literacy definition and the 5 Critical Habits of Mind, please view the resources to the left.

Additional content will be added to the Toolkit as it is received from librarians at the Claremont Colleges Library. Content in the Toolkit is available for reuse under a Creative Commons license.

In This Toolkit...

In the Information Literacy Habits of Mind (HOM) toolkit, you will find sample activities and ideas for incorporating HOM learning outcomes into your library instruction sessions. Each HOM is represented in its own tab:

Some of the activities cover learning objectives for more than one HOM. This guide is meant to be a starting place for thinking about activities that teach HOMs. You can copy these activities into your course guides, incorporate them into your lesson plans, or (best of all) use them as inspiration for activities that work best for your students and your teaching style.

Do you have activities that work for you in the classroom and map onto one or more of these HOMs? Please send them our way, and we will add them to this toolkit!

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Guide design by Dani Brecher Cook and Natalie Tagge


Additional content provided by the Claremont Colleges Librarians

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