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Gender/Feminist/Sexuality/Women's/Queer Studies

Welcome and Key Databases for Finding Sources

This guide is intended to connect you to a variety of resources useful for conducting research in gender, feminist, sexuality, queer, and women's studies

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If you are new to conducting research:
Consider taking the Start Your Research tutorial to better understand the phases and processes of doing research.

Start your research with these key resources:

Keywords and synonyms

Remember that whenever you are researching anything involving gender | sexuality | ethnicity | race that the keywords used in library search tools and databases are often non-intuitive, outdated, and/or offensive. To get the most results, try a variety of keywords, not  just the words/terms you prefer.

Just a few of the keywords used in gender and women's studies research (the * will tell a database to find all forms of the word)

  • abnormal sexualit*
  • asexual*
  • bisexual*
  • dyke*
  • feminin*
  • feminis*
  • gay*
  • homosexual*
  • homosocial
  • intersex*
  • lesbian*
  • masculin*
  • non-heteronormative
  • queer*
  • transgender*
  • transsexual*
  • women*
  • girl*