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British & American Literature

In literature, the most important primary sources are the literary work(s) which is the focus of your research: novels, plays, poetry, etc.. These are considered artifacts created during a given time period being studied.

Primary sources, in general, are materials that provide first hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic or person under investigation. They are created by individuals who either witnessed, experienced, or lived during the events or conditions being documented. 

Primary sources enable you to get as close as possible to understanding the lived experiences of others and discovering what actually happened during an event or time period. 

Primary Source Databases for Literature

In addition to the many full text literary works you will find in the Library's collection of online primary source materials, the following primary source collections may be especially valuable for research in literature.

Claremont Colleges Special Collections

Many of the Libraries' special collections focus on literature. Some examples are listed below: