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Candace Lebel

Senior Library Systems Coordinator
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Candace Lebel
Collections, Metadata, and Resource Sharing - The Claremont Colleges Library
909 621-8682
The Senior Library Systems Coordinator (SLSC) serves as the technical lead in the oversight, administration, management, and optimization of The Claremont Colleges Library (TCCL)’s systems, including the Library Management System (LMS) and any library-specific systems and platforms used by library staff and users to facilitate content hosting and management, discovery, resource sharing, and authentication.

Working collaboratively across the library, the SLSC develops, recommends, and implements solutions that continuously improve the user experience by maximizing system functionality and integration. Working closely with The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) IT and systems vendors, the SLSC applies their deep knowledge of each system’s functionality to support library staff to optimize their workflows and integrate systems to facilitate library services and access to resources.

The SLSC may also consult on, or contribute to, other technology projects across the Library. The SLSC provides guidance and training for mining the library’s systems for data that support the assessment of Library resources and services.