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SCR SPAN 131 / Queer Lives in Latin America / Professor Bacsan / SP 22

Explore Your Topic

Reference sources, like dictionaries and encyclopedias, are useful tools to explore a topic of interest and start your research. They can provide you with a broad overview of a topic and help you gather preliminary information about it. In addition to those included below, try searching for additional encyclopedias having to do with your topic of interest (sample search using kw:(latin america*) AND su:(encyclopedias)).


  • Start broad to explore
    • Search a country
    • Search a concept (e.g., language)
    • Search a specific person (e.g., Tatiana de La Tierra)
    • Search an event or movement 
  • Many articles include a list of works cited or a bibliography at the end. Take note of titles of interest and search them in Library Search.