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SCR ART 192 / Senior Project and Seminar in Art / Ogasian/ Fall 2022


In addition to the resources on the "Database" page, you should also try searching individual journals and magazines that could potentially cover your topic. One benefit of searching in individual publications is that Databases can't aggregate every journal/magazine, so targeting specific publications could help discover new sources. The publications below can also be useful to explore to find artists and ideas.

Finding Art Fairs, Museums, and Exhibitions

Art Fairs, Exhibitions, and Galleries are great places to explore and find contemporary artists. The list below is just a small snapshot of different events and organizations.

Other avenues to explore are museum websites, which can be gateways to artists, artworks, and exhibitions. Here are some to consider:

  • Dia
  • MOCA
  • Tate Modern
  • The Whitney
  • MoMA


Newspapers can be a great place to look for exhibition reviews. As you search for reviews online, you may hit paywalls if you view too many articles on a publication’s website. To get around this, you can find the articles in the newspapers the library subscribe to. The only downside is that the platforms these newspapers are on sometimes scrub the images from the article due to licensing issues.

Miscellaneous Sources