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Selecting a Journal for Publication

Academic Journals

Academic journals date back to 1665, with the publication Journal des Scavans (Harter and Kim, 1996) and Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (Rallison, 2015). Journals can best be described as the collective memory and archive of scientific knowledge (Spinak and Packer, 2015)

What do journals do?

Academic journals serve four basic functions. A fifth function was added for online journals.

  1. Registration - establishes an authors' ownership of an idea
  2. Certification - peer review establishes the quality and authenticity of the research
  3. Dissemination - published research is communicated to its intended audience
  4. Archiving - the published record serves as an archive of scientific research
  5. Navigation - published articles contain links to other records which direct users to other supporting publications and data 

(Rallison, 2015)

What is Peer-Review?

Scholarly Communications & Open Publishing Coordinator