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GIS Services at the Library

Installing ArcMap (Desktop) 10.X

If you are a Claremont-affiliated (student/faculty/staff) researcher and want to use ArcGIS through the library’s site license, you will need to set up andArcGIS Online account following these instructions.

If you want to have your own copy of ArcMap (Desktop) on your personal computer, you will need to request a student license code (EVAXXXXXXXXX) from the digital scholarship unit at **This software only runs on Windows.

Once you’ve logged onto ArcGIS Online you can use your authorization code to download your copy of the software from this site:

Installing ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is the newest Esri GIS platform and offers a number of useful extensions.

ArcGIS Pro can only run on a Windows operating system and requires Internet Explorer browser.

If you are a Claremont-affiliated (student/faculty/staff) researcher and want to use ArcGIS Pro (and do not already have an account through the library’s site license) you will need to set up an ArcGIS Online account by following these instructions.

You will then need to follow the instructions here to download and install the .exe file and set up your ArcGIS Pro installation. 


ArcGIS on a Mac

Esri's ArcGIS Pro and Desktop products run only in Windows environments.

If you are a Mac user, your options are:

  • To stick solely with ArcGIS Online (which runs through the browser window)
  • Use a remote desktop running Windows in your campus lab (check with your college's IT department about this one).
  • Create a partition on your Mac hard drive to run Windows and ArcGIS. We have put together some instructions in this document.

Additional recommendations for ArcMap

  • When using ArcMap, we recommend you create a folder to save your work in your root directory such as C:\gis or D:\gis ... not on your desktop or My Documents
  • Do not add spaces to the file name and folder names.
  • If you plan on working with raster data (or if you are not sure you are) do not use more than 13 characters in either your folder or file names.
  • When downloading data layers from Esri you will find you data is extracted to a temp folder. Not knowing where your data is located can make operations difficult. To point to the location your data is to be extracted, follow these steps:
    • Start ArcMAP. Once opened, select Customize Menu > ArcMAP Options > Sharing Tab > change the Use User Specified folder to your folder you are saving your work (I used example d:\gis\example). See here for demo
    • You will need to repeat this if you are at different computer.
  • Change setting on ArcGIS to work relative path. Open ArcMAP > File Menu > Map Document Properties and 'check' Store Relative pathnames to data sources.

Esri Help

Links to important updates to Esri software