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PIT FYS - Land(scape) Matters / Professor Neckar, FA 21

Your Assignment and this Guide

               Landscape Book House - Free image on Pixabay



You are required find additional scholarly articles for Writing Assignment Number 3.  Below are a few selected databases that would be good places to start, but you can also find more databases under "Other Research Guides"  In addition, there is more information about source evaluation (and the differences between scholarly and popular, secondary and primary), search strategy, and citing (including on Zotero).  Use the menu on the left side to navigate.

Above all, please remember Librarians are here to help you!  A good way of finding the librarians in specific subjects is the research guides.  Or since I am the course librarian, you can make an appointment with me (or simply email!)


Find Scholarly Articles (Selected Databases)

Finding Popular Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Other Research Guides

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