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Citing Your Sources

You have lots of options when it comes to choosing a citation style. In many cases, your professor will  tell you which style is preferred for your class or assignment.

In general, citation styles vary by discipline:

  • MLA is used in the humanities
  • Chicago is common in business, history, and fine arts
  • APA is used in social sciences and some sciences
  • Many scholarly journals have their own preferred citation styles
  • When in doubt, check with your professor or your campus writing center

The Purdue Owl provides guides for

Additionally, the complete Chicago Manual of Style Online is available to Claremont Colleges students, faculty and staff.

If you need to cite legal documents or government publications, or just understand the citations you find, the following guides will help.

Citation managers like Zotero and RefWorks can help you manage and format your citations but they are not infallible: it's always a good idea to double check automatically-formatted citations before submitting your assignment.

Manage Your Research- Citation Managers

Citation managers "are programs that collect records or citations from research databases (indexes, catalogs, etc.) that you can then organize for your research projects. They also help you cite your research by creating bibliographies, citations, and footnotes automatically."

-From Citation management, University of Chicago Library

Why should I use a citation manager?

  • Stay organized while researching
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Automatically create citations and bibliographies while writing papers

The Claremont Colleges Library supports RefWorks and Zotero with workshops, drop-in clinics, and one-on-one help.