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SCR PHIL 162: Political Philosophy / R. Weinberg / FA 21

Resources for Political Philosophy

Sources For Your Assignment

The two best places to find academic sources (i.e. peer reviewed articles in journal or scholarly books) for your final paper are Philosopher's Index and PhilPapers.  While Philosopher's Index is a more traditional database with wider breadth and traditional keyword searching  PhilPapers is a more specialized database curated by philosophers that is excellent for exploring topics.  Your professor wants you to use these two database in philosophy, but I've included other databases in case you want to explore supplemental sources in topics other than philosophy. I've also included background sources such as the the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (the guy on the right).  

Philosophy Databases


Reference and Primary Sources

General Philosophical Links

Research Guides in Other Subjects

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