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Research Guides

GIS - Geographic Information Systems Services

The Claremont Colleges Library offers GIS support services online and in person, along with a configured Digital Tool Shed. Contact for access.

Free Local GIS Data (Los Angeles Region)

Data Guides (California GIS Data)

Data Warehouses & Servers (Statewide)

Data Warehouses & Servers (Regional)

U.S. Census

Data Warehouses & Servers (U.S. GIS Data)

Data Guides (U.S. GIS Data)

Esri provided data

Esri provides GIS layers and can be requested by contacting gissupport@cuc.claremont,edu

World GIS Data

Data Warehouses & Servers (World GIS Data)


Other States

There are too many links to provide of course for every state however below are a few locations I find helpful on past projects.  Essentially, if youcant find anything here, simply Google keywords shapefile and (for example) Sudan or whatever geographic reqion, city country you are searching for GIS data (normally shapefiles)

  • Open data for Philadelphia