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Research Guides

GIS - Geographic Information Systems Services

The Claremont Colleges Library offers GIS support services online and in person, along with a configured Digital Tool Shed. Contact for access.

Esri Online Virtual Campus

The Esri Virtual Campus Annual User Premium License provides 5C access to all web courses listed.  There are many resources for you under this licensing as listed here.  Please contact for access codes to waive costs.  Need some recommendations?

Familiar with GIS? Try one of the following

Here are many wonderful free online modules and seminars (I have filtered them to display free and virtual)

ArcGIS Online

The Claremont Colleges Esri Organizational ArcGIS Online Account is avaiable for students, staff and faculty on campus.  Organizational accounts (different from Public Account) provides geocoding services, groups, online analysis tools, access to Esri CommunityAnalyst and GeoPlanner. Users must be invited by admin. Contact for more information.