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POM ID 1 - European Enlightenment - Prof. Kates - FA 21

Your Assignment and this Guide

 The Enlightenment Room | The British Museum | a.canvas.of.light | Flickr

The Enlightenment Room of the British Museum ( Creative Commons License 2.0 )

Your assignments require you to use JSTOR to begin to find scholarly articles for your oral presentations and about Eighteenth Century Enlightenment writers.  JSTOR is a rich bank of scholarly articles in most subjects, but it does not include all journals and does not include articles from the last four to five years.  Below are the best databases to help you expand your search. These databases include "Historical Abstracts," the main resource for finding scholarship in World History, "America: History and Life," the main resource for US History,  "MLA," the main resource for finding scholarship in literature and languages, and "Philosopher's Index," the main resource for finding scholarship in Philosophy.  Other parts of this guide include an introduction to secondary and tertiary (i.e. reference sources), some information on evaluating the information you need, a section on writing and citing (Including Zotero citation management software) as well as Research Tutorial and other research guides you can use.

Above all, please remember Librarians are here to help you!

Main Secondary Resources: JSTOR and Early Modern to Modern History

Below are some other databases that might help, in Philosophy Literary Studies,  Religious Studies,  and Women's Studies,   

The Library Search, Academic Search Premier and Web of Science

Library Search is the place to search our holdings for specific books and journals.  It is also a good place to go for finding articles, books and other items -- electronic and physical -- in all subjects here and at most libraries in the US and many across the world. 

Academic Search Premier is our main interdisciplinary database, not focused on any one subject, but a great place to start.

And if you are doing research in the sciences, try Web of Science as a start!

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