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CGU HIST 307 / Approaches to Public History / Professor Guzmán / Fa2021


Welcome to the course guide for HIST 307 Approaches to Public History!

This research guide is intended to help you successfully complete your assignments using local primary source collections. As you navigate these resources, please email me with any questions.

Your Assignment

Tan document with orange lettering reading Claremont at the top. The document is a map of Claremont with small lots and images of buildings.So, you have been tasked with writing individual op-eds and two related group papers as well as a group Powerpoint presentation which focus on El Barrio Park in Claremont. The 1,000 word op-ed is to reflect on the history of the Mexican barrio (Arbol Verde) of Claremont.

For the group part of this assignment, you'll get to work together to imagine a public history project. Using Matt Garcia's article, your experience in the park, and the Arbol Verde archive, your group will propose a new design for the park. You have to imagine what the final product would look like. It's okay if you don't have the skills to execute the plan---public history is ultimately about collaboration.

In 2-3 double space pages, outline how you would go about designing a new park. Who would you work with? Partner with? How exactly would you include them in the project? How might you engage people who you don't know? What professionals would be crucial to this project?

In 2-3 double space pages, propose some ideas/core concepts that you would integrate in a new design for El Barrio Park. Explain your rationale. Here you might draw from the readings as well as online research about other parks/public monuments in Los Angeles.

Create a Powerpoint that summarizes the above two items. Post on canvas for the class to browse.

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