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CG HI 309: Twentieth Century U.S. Identities: third spaces of being / J. Poblete / FA21

Explore Primary Resources Databases

Below are some examples of primary source databases.  The subject research guides in history and other disciplines have many more databases with primary sources.

Find Primary Sources in Library Search

Primary sources of all types can also be found in our regular, circulating books, in special collections, and beyond.  Here are few ways to find primary texts and sources by using Library Search.

1. Use an author search to find books we have by a particular author, politician, journalist or another type of historical witness.

2. Conduct an advanced keyword search in Library Search and then limit by publication year under “Publication Year” (note:  you can also limit by language and many other ways).

3. Do an advanced keyword search in Library Search and add the word "sources" in the subject field (you can do a subject search by selecting "Subject" from the dropdown menu), for example:

  • united states AND history AND automobile* in the subject field and the word "sources" in the subject field

Screenshot of advanced search in Library Search.

This brings up the Library of Congress Subject subheading “sources” which is sometimes used to designate primary source collections of different kinds — as in "Automobile industry and trade United States Management History Sources" or Mass production United States History Sources.