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POM ID 1 - The Idea of the Novel - Prof. Raff - FA 21

The Course and this Guide

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Le diverse et artificiose machine / del capitano Agostino Ramelli/ Welcome Museum (Creative Commons License 4.0

While you are not required to do any additional research for this course, the Library Session and this guide are  designed to introduce you to the Claremont Colleges Library and  strategy and the art of research.  Use the menu on the left hand side to navigate through the sections, including a review of research strategy and library tutorials and a section on writing and citing.

Above all, when you're taking a class that requires research, please visit our Research Guides and remember that librarians are here to help you!

Main Secondary Resources: MLA International Biblography, JSTOR and other Databases

Below are some other databases that may be helpful for your research in Philosophy, Literary Studies, Religious Studies, and Women's Studies. 

The Library Search, Academic Search Premier and Web of Science

Library Search is the place to search our holdings for specific books and journals.  It is also a good place to go for finding articles, books and other items -- electronic and physical -- in all subjects here and at most libraries in the US and many across the world. 

Academic Search Premier is our main interdisciplinary database, not focused on any one subject, but a great place to start.

And if you are doing research in the sciences, try Web of Science as a start!

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