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SCR ART 192 / Senior Project and Seminar in Art / Ogasian/ Fall 2022

What Is Scholarship@Claremont?

Scholarship@Claremont (S@C) is the Claremont Colleges' open access repository of faculty and student scholarship. Seniors at CMC and Scripps are required to upload their theses to Scholarship@Claremont. At the other colleges, upload requirements are either optional, or on a department-by-department basis.

Please note that once a thesis has been submitted, it will not be removed unless there are charges of plagiarism or copyright violation.

Some benefits of uploading your thesis to S@C:

  • Discoverable through Google and other search engines.
  • Students will have a permanent URL to their work that they can access any time (if you choose the Open Access option--default for Scripps is campus-only access), email, link to, post, on resumes, job applications, websites, send to family and friends, etc.
  • Students will receive a download count report that will tell them how often their thesis has been viewed.
  • Increases the visibility of student work, potentially leading to improved job prospects or graduate school placement for students.

Before Uploading

Do you hold the copyright to all the content (e.g. images, graphs, interviews, music composition, etc.) included in your thesis?

  • No? Do a Fair Use analysis or get permission to post online for any content that you didn't create.
  • Yes? Great! Carry on!

 Should content in your thesis be private (e.g.: interviewee's identifying information, proprietary research, etc.)?

  • Yes? Discuss with your advisor about anonymizing, redacting information or getting an exemption.
  • No? Great! Carry on!

Uploading Your Complete Thesis to S@C

1. Make sure you have an abstract, 3-4 keywords, your faculty advisors' proper names, any supplemental files, and your thesis. Make sure you have the clean copy in PDF.

2. You should have done a Fair Use analysis or have permission to use any graphs, tables, images, or other content that is not your own.

3. Choose to keep access to your Thesis as Campus Only or allow Open Access.
NB: If you choose Campus Only, you will not be able to access your Thesis once you have graduated.

4. Choose a Creative Commons license.

5. If necessary, choose an embargo, or an exemption and have the form signed by your advisor.

6. Upload, then celebrate! Congratulations!

Please note that once a thesis has been submitted, it will not be removed unless there are charges of plagiarism or copyright violation. You can always change access from Claremont Campus Only to Open Access, but once you cannot restrict access once it is open.