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Text & Data Mining

A brief guide to tools and resources (including datasets) for getting started with computational approaches to textual analysis.

About TDM Studio

ProQuest TDM Studio provides computational access to the subscription content (primarily newspapers) that the Library subscribes to via ProQuest. This resource is an analytical tool to support text and data mining and similar methodologies. You will be able to download derived data and visualizations, but not full-text of articles.

Introduction to ProQuest TDM Studio video (about 4 mins)

How to use TDM Studio

There are two main paths for interacting with TDM Studio.

1) The visualization dashboard  is a basic visualization platform for discovering patterns in a result set based on geography or using tools such as sentiment analysis. You don't need any coding experience 

Screenshot of TDM Visualization Workbench showing a map with article counts

Screenshot of the geographic visualization tool 

2) The workbench dashboard provides a private collaborative workspace for individuals or small teams to collect datasets of search results, and perform analysis on them in a hosted Jupyter Notebook environment, using either Python or R scripting. You will need to have some familiarity with writing code, though ProQuest provides several Notebooks with helpful example scripts to get started and perform basic TDM tasks.

Screenshot of TDM Studio workbench showing lists of datasets and link to open Jupyter

Screenshot of the workbench dashboard

Accessing TDM Studio at Claremont

  • You can access the TDM Studio visualization platform directly with your Claremont credentials. From the main TDM Studio page select the "Create Account" button if this is your first time using TDM Studio.
    Screenshot of the "Create account" button from the top right of the TDM Studio home page.
  • There you will be prompted for your name and email. Be sure and use your Claremont email address. 
    Create Account form on TDM Studio site


To access the workbench platform, the library will need to set up your email (and those of any collaborators) with the ProQuest support team. If you are interested in setting up a workbench, email us at

Learning more about how to use TDM Studio