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Library Databases, A-Z

Find the best library databases for your research. Choose by subject, format, or vendor/provider.


New & Trial Databases

Databases we've recently or acquired or that we have temporary "trial" access to in order to evaluate
Black Abolitionist Papers This link opens in a new window
Why search here? Explore documents, pamphlets, books and newspaper articles by African-Americans active in the anti-slavery/abolitionist movement prior to the Civil War.
Content type: Primary sources, pamphlets, correspondence, books, newspaper articles, speeches
Coverage dates: 1830-1865
Why search here? Discover archival documents pertaining to political and social movements from over 70 formerly-colonized nations.
Content type: Primary sources, press clippings, pamphlets, legislation, speeches, correspondence, research papers
Coverage dates: 1898-2017
Why search here? Access news sources from two radio shows, the Spanish-language Enfoque Nacional and the English-language Latin File, which covered Latinx topics in politics, sociology, human rights, arts, and more.
Content type: Primary sources, audio news, transcripts
Coverage dates: 1979-1990
MARG Magazine Archive Collection This link opens in a new window
Why search here? Discover content from India's oldest art magazine, which covers not only fine art, but also film, poetry, and architecture.
Content type: Magazine articles
Coverage dates: 1946-2020
National Geographic Virtual Library This link opens in a new window
Why search here? Access articles from a trusted source in journalistic exploration and discovery complete with photographs and maps.
Content type: Magazine articles, images, maps
Coverage dates: 1888-present
Policy Commons This link opens in a new window
Why search here? Good for papers on public policy mostly from think tanks, some journals and other types of material.
Content type: Working papers, think tank papers, scholarly articles
Coverage dates: 2002-present
PolicyMap This link opens in a new window
Why search here? Good for visualizing and mapping U.S. social data collected from multiple governmental and non-governmental sources on demographics, housing, health, and jobs.
Content type: Data, reports This link opens in a new window
Alternate Name(s) Shakespeare's Words
Why search here? Explore resources related to Shakespeare's plays and poetry, including glossaries of words used and their appearances in the texts, character lists, and side-by-side comparison of the modern Penguin Edition with original texts.
Content type: Reference materials, glossaries, character lists
Slavery in Antebellum Southern Industries This link opens in a new window
Why search here? Discover primary sources documenting the industrial uses of slave labor in the American South prior to the U.S. Civil War.
Content type: Primary sources, company records, correspondence, ledgers
Coverage dates: 1700-1896
Why search here? Explore documents to learn more about how major southern plantations operated before and after the civil war, with insights on the economics of and life in a society based on slavery.
Content type: Primary sources, diaries, correspondence, notebooks
Coverage dates: 1775-1915
Why search here? Search for primary sources documenting the experience of American women during World War II from the records of the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor and from correspondence of the Director of the Women's Army Corps.
Content type: Primary sources, reports, correspondence, conference papers, speeches, interviews, documents
Coverage dates: 1918-1965