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POM ARHI 131/ Border Art / Romero / SP24


Welcome to the Research Guide for Border Art

This guide is to help you find sources for your final research paper. As a reminder, for this paper, you'll need to refer to at least three books and articles not in the syllabus and at least one archival source. See your final research paper guidelines for more details.

As you do your research, please don't hesitate to email us (Kendra or Adam) with any questions you have or set up a Zoom research appointment. We are happy to help!

Prometheus mural by José Clemente Orozco in Frary Dining Hall at Pomona College

Prometheus by José Clemente Orozco. Frary Dining Hall at Pomona College. 1930. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Museum and Art Collections

The museums listed below are good resources to start exploring artworks and collections. Browsing collections can be a great way to find artworks you're interested in exploring further. These collection websites often provide useful information about the object (size, material, date), provenance (the history of an artworks ownership), and even artist information.

The Benton Museum of Art at Pomona is a great resource to use in your research. The museum has Latin American art in its collections, so as you're thinking of developing a topic, it could be a great opportunity to study art first-hand!

Identifying 6 Important Written Source Types Used in Art Research

Additional Helpful Guides

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