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CMC HIST 101 - Youth Culture in History - Prof. Livesay / SP 24

Your Assignment and this Guide

Welcome to the research course guide for Youth Culture in History.   This guide is a good place to start for primary sources you will need to locate for your final paper, whether those are those are physical primary sources from our own Special Collections or digital primary sources from a primary source database of from the Library Search.  -- or a mix of the two.    This guide is also a good place to start for secondary, scholarly sources which you are also required to find for your paper.  Use the tabs on the side to go to the different categories on the side. 

 Just a few words about research that you can either heed or ignore:  seen holistically, these different types of sources make up the scholarly conversation.  Your research paper, responding to your topic and the sources you locate, is also part of the scholarly conversation.  What you find in your sources may alter the trajectory of your research.  In sum:  research is an art, not a science, and as such it is not linear. 

Please remember that I and other librarians are here to help you.  Don't hesitate to contact me or make an appointment.

Secondary Scholarly Resources

When available in a database, use the green  button to determine whether the libraries have an article or book or to link to Interlibary Loan (Illiad) to request materials not at the Libraries.

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