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PIT SPAN 33 - Intermediate Spanish - Prof. Brizuela - FA23

This guide is designed to help you find and use resources to complete your Spanish 33 traditions assignment.

Course guide - assignment overview

Welcome! This guide is designed specifically to support you in doing research for your Intermediate Spanish traditions assignment.

Your assignment asks you to find, research, and write about one tradition from the Latin / Hispanic World.

Your prompt explains that you will need to use the following sources:

  1. at least 1 encyclopedia, dictionary, or resource to locate a tradition and find preliminary information about it.
  2. at least 1 scholarly source in Spanish, such as a book or article, to gain further insight about your identified tradition.

Use the menu to the left to find a list of recommended places to start your research and tips and tricks to access and choose your sources. Please also check out the Library Services for Students handout below and consider taking the Start Your Research tutorial to better understand the phases and processes of doing research.

Library Services for Students Handout

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