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SCR Core III: Landscapes of Plunder / FA23 / Professor Cheng

Your Assignment and Selected Databases for your Historiography Paper

This guide is meant as gateway, with a listing of selected databases to find sources for your final projects.  Some of you will need more primary or secondary sources than others; for some of you, the databases on this guide will suffice.  For more databases, including primary source database, please consult other research guides, some of which are listed below.

Where to start?  Research is more of an art than science, so there are many starting points. The Advanced Library Search is a good place to begin, as is Academic Search Premier, which will find sources from many disciplines, but will also find current, non-scholarly sources. Because there is an historical dimension to most of your topics, you may also want to search in America: History and Life (scholarship in US or Canadian history) or Historical Abstracts (for scholarship in World history). More information on these below.

This guide also includes information on writing / citing as well as well as tips on search strategy.  Navigate through the guide using the tabs on the left.

If you are new to conducting research at The Library or would like a review:
Consider the Starting Your Research tutorial to learn the phases and processes of doing research.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or to schedule an appointment.

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