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PIT - History 197 Seminar in History / Professor Johnson / FA 20

What this Guide Is and What it Is Not

Welcome to the research course guide for The Seminar in History.  This guide is essentially a gateway.  IT  includes the main databases for finding secondary, scholarship in history, the advance Library Search,  as well as a way of locating journals.  All of is meant to help your historiographic essays. The guide also includes a review of search strategies (with links to tutorials) and a page on "writing and citing" (featuring Zotero). 

For a much more complete listing of sources, use the history guides below (as well as guides in other subjects that you think may be helpful).  And please don't hesitate to make a zoom appointment with me (or simply contact me) if you need more help.

Main Schlorarly Databases in History

Browsing Journals with Browzine

BrowZine is a good way of browsing scholarly journals in history. .  And now BrowZine serves as the main gateway to the library's journals.  NB: BrowZine does not have all journals or all issues of journals, but it has many of the major journals -- and it will send you outside the Browzine interface for non-Browzine journals owned by the library.

Search for specific Journals here

Browse History Journals here

More on Browzine

You can also sign up for a BrowZine account and download a Browzine app for your Apple or Android phone.

This  Wikipedia entry lists scholarly journals in history with many regions, time periods, and categories


Uploading Your Thesis to Scholarship@Claremont

Scholarship@Claremont (S@C) is a growing archive and academic record of the scholarship and publications produced by students, faculty, and staff of The Claremont Colleges.

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