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CMC PHIL 033 Introduction to Political Philosophy / B. Toole / SP24

Getting Started and Resources for Political Philosophy

Sources For Your Assignment

Your assignment will require you to find secondary, scholarly sources to give historical, political and sociological context to the Resistance Movement you have chosen.  These may be from the fields of History, Political Science, Sociology and other fields.  Below are some databases in those fields.  You can also use journalism from an interdisciplinary database such as Academic Search Premier or our numerous current and historical newspaper databases.  Philosopher's Index would be good if you wanted to find scholarship in Philosophy supplementary to your course readings.

I've also linked the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy below, which might be helpful for understanding particular philosophers, philosophical movements, and concepts. For a fuller offering of more databases, explore other research guides, a selection of which are below. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (the guy on the right).  

Background Sources in Multi-Disciplines

Sources in Philosophy

Research Guides in Philosophy and other subjects

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