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HMC HSA 10 - Political Analysis- Steinberg SP21


Welcome! This course guide will help you find sources related to your coursework for HSA 10 Political Analysis. During this class, you will be required to find government information, news sources, and peer reviewed articles. This guide includes information on how to navigate government information and the library's subscription to news sources like the New York Times. It also includes tips and tricks for using Google Scholar, which you can use to find peer reviews articles.  On the right of the page, you can reach out to Kirsten Hansen, your class librarian, via email or Zoom appointment.


What information do you need?

The first step in finding sources is figuring out what information you need, and then deciding where the most likely place to find that information is.

Government documents

The United States government collects and publishes more information than you might realize, from local governance to national politics, all kinds of census information, reports on health, the environment, education, public policy, and more. Often, legal information such as court cases is also included with government documents, plus congressional records and official laws and statutes. If you need official reports, statistics, or legal documents, governments documents are the best place to start.

Newspapers and news sources

Includes newspapers and non-scholarly magazines. If you are looking for primary sources and news articles, start here. The library subscribes to a number of news sources, both contemporary and historical.

Peer reviewed/scholarly/academic articles

Written by scholars and report on original research (research articles) or aggregate research results from multiple papers to show the state of research in a discipline (review articles.) If your professor wants you to find peer reviewed articles, this is what they mean. In this class, you will use Google Scholar to find articles, but the library also subscribes to many databases that include peer reviewed articles.

Research basics

Not sure how to develop a topic or pick keywords to search with? Worried about plagiarism and how to distinguish your work from other peoples'? The library has tutorials that can help. Each tutorial takes about 25 minutes to complete, and you can do as much or as a little as is useful to you.

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